Understanding Emotions 101

CCRC is offering workshop to those on our waitlist for counselling services on November 23 from 1-3pm via secure video platform.


An educational and informative workshop geared to expand emotional understanding while gaining strategies for coping with emotions. We will not be processing emotions.


  • Expand your emotional knowledge
  • Explore what emotions are
  • Understand why people experience emotions
  • Review the different types of emotions
  • Gain insight & understanding as to why emotions are important
  • Explore skills and coping strategies


  • November 23rd 1-3 pm
  • The format of the workshop is digital and held on a secure video platform
  • The workshop is free for all participants
  • The workshop is for educational purposes, it is not treatment or therapy and participants will remain on the waitlist.


There is an initial phone intake screening with all participants. For more information or to register, please call CCRC at 705-743-2272 ext 308