The need for housing

Peterborough City and County has set the ambitious goal of ending chronic homelessness in the community by 2025.

As of February 2022, at least 300 people are experiencing homelessness in our community. This includes over 150 individuals who are experiencing chronic homelessness. Home Together aims to realize the human right to housing for all by ensuring that the needs of the most vulnerable members of the community are addressed first.

What we’re asking for

We’re asking you to give someone who is experiencing homelessness a chance by offering them your next vacant unit.

Landlords play a crucial role in ensuring everyone has access to safe, secure housing. We are asking that landlords dedicate one or more units to tenants from the By-Names Priority List (BNPL). The By-Name Priority List is a real-time, up to date list of all people experiencing homelessness in the Peterborough area. By reserving units, landlords can contribute to ensuring that those who are most in need are prioritized to receive housing.


Click here for information about housing for Ukrainians in Peterborough


Please click here to access the handbook for survivors of domestic violence/intimate partner violence

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