Jukebox Mania 2022

Jukebox Mania 2022

We’ll be hosting our music-loving JBM crowd virtually again this year and are in the midst of organizing everything we need to make it a fantastic night of fun complete with our incredible online auction.

Congrats to LLF for taking the top prize at #JBM2021

What is Jukebox Mania?

It’s Name that tune trivia! It’s a friendly competition where your team listens to clips of songs that follow a theme and you guess the artist or title of the song (or both!). Think of songs about birthdays, if that’s the category, every song clip will be from a song with either ‘birthday’ in the lyrics or in the title. Easy peasy right?

Teams are up to eight people with one person designated as captain. As it’s online – you can play from anywhere, whether that’s in a boardroom, a backyard, or a living room. You can also invite friends, family, and colleagues from near and far to join your team. Gather your team and get ready to party like it’s 2019! Only the captain needs access to a laptop or desktop computer, everyone else can play along on any device with an internet connection.

Jukebox Mania is also CCRC’s main fundraiser. Follow us on social media so you are in the know for everything #JBM2022

What is CCRC?


CCRC is the Community Counselling and Resource Centre, a local charity that offers services for those struggling to keep or find housing, homelessness prevention, professional counselling, and community service orders. Our services are free or low cost and no one is turned away, regardless of how challenging their situation is.

People who come to us for help are often out of options. Our staff listens and problem solves with the person, leveraging every resource and connection available to help that person chart a new course, one that means they can turn things around for themselves and their family. CCRC is a lifeline for so many people in our community, but we need the support of people and organizations in our community to fill gaps in our funding. That’s why we host Jukebox Mania each year, to raise enough funds that we can continue to be there when people need us.

An awesome team building experience while lending a hand to a great cause

Corporate Sponsorship

Options for team building have been pretty limited the past couple of years. A way for your staff to reconnect and have a great time outside of zoom meetings, Jukebox Mania is an excellent opportunity for team building and is a great work-around for any gathering restrictions.

Brand Exposure

  • Custom Ad to be viewed by our JBM attendees (200+)
  • Exposure to our Social Media and Jukebox Following (3000+) audience
  • Website exposure
  • Brants window display – CCRC will have Jukebox Mania on full display at Brant Basics in downtown Peterborough for the month of March. Any businesses that sign on to be sponsors will have their logo displayed during this time.

For more info

Reach out to our Fundraising and Communications Coordinator Sarah Bass at sbass@ccrc-ptbo.com

CCRC is now offering professional counselling services in Northumberland

Our Annual Meeting is September 22, 2022