Community Placements

Interested in Becoming a Placement Agency?

At CSO we are always looking for new non-profit organizations that could benefit from our clients’ help with ongoing work in the agency or special events and projects. We work with 150 registered placements throughout Peterborough County.

What You Can Expect from CSO

CSO staff will ask you about available activities, restrictions and health and safety requirements when you register.

CSO staff complete a full assessment with clients to determine their skills, abilities, interests and suitability for placements. We look at past and present charges when matching clients with placements. We carefully review roles and responsibilities with all clients. Clients are insured under Ministry Risk Management Insurance while performing hours.

Once we match a client with your organization, CSO staff provides case management services and support to clients in collaboration with Probation and community partners.

What We Expect from Placements

Placements provide orientation, training, and supervision of clients, and can establish trial, orientation or training periods and terminate placements at any time if a client is not working out.
Work shifts are negotiated between CSO staff, clients and placements. Shifts must not interfere with the client’s employment or schools schedules.
CSO will mail or fax a work schedule to you for each client. You will use the work schedule to keep track of attendance and hours, and return it to CSO.

Placement agencies must also respect the program’s confidentiality requirements. Clients must not be identified as CSO clients at placements. Clients are not permitted at the same placement at the same time; hence, CSO staff will endeavour to keep clients separate when referring them for placement. Only those involved in direct supervision of clients at the placement should be aware that clients are completing hours for community service. CSO staff is only able to release confidential client information on a need to know basis; we ask that placements inform CSO staff ahead of time about any restrictions and health and safety requirements.

For More Information

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