Community Service Orders

COVID-19 updateOur face-to-face services are suspended until further notice. Please contact our main office 705-743-2272 and leave a voicemail, text 705-230-0678 or email our Community Service Orders program staff at for more information. Please follow our social media channels or visit our website for updates on our services.

CCRC’s Community Service Orders (CSO) Program has supported justice-involved individuals in our community since 1978. Community Service is an alternative sentencing option that aims to prevent incarceration and reduce recidivism by providing opportunities for clients to participate and succeed in their community, in a manner that promotes personal development and inclusion.

Our goal is to provide individualized community-based activities that align with the interests and goals of clients, increasing the potential for success. Placement opportunities raise self-confidence, enhance skills and strengthen a sense of community inclusion.

Community Service Placements

After an in-depth assessment interview, CSO staff connect clients with local non-profit organizations where they complete their Community Service orders. Each individual is placed based on their abilities, interests, and availability, and within any restrictions the placement organizations might have.

Placement organizations include social service organizations, municipal offices, sports leagues and charities. Clients can also help individuals with disabilities, and older adults on fixed incomes.

We are continuously increasing the number and variety of placement partners we work with. This ensures the best possible experience for both our clients and the placement organizations themselves. If you are an organization or individual who feels that the experience of supporting a CSO client would be mutually beneficial, we invite you to contact us for further information.

Service Duties

Clients perform many duties, from cleaning to computer work. Clients can also complete home projects, such as knitting, crafts and woodworking. The court determines the number of hours for each client, and may set a minimum monthly requirement. Length of service can range from a few hours to several hours, and may be completed in one day, or on an ongoing, regular schedule. This is done while respecting the client’s individual experiences, capabilities and obligations.

Benefits of Community Service

The CSO program offers justice-involved adults the opportunity to complete meaningful community service, with benefits for both the individual and the community:

  • Involves the community in the Criminal Justice System
  • Empowers clients’ sense of agency in strengthening their own community
  • Provides an opportunity to strengthen skills
  • Encourages a sense of inclusion and accountably
  • Provides a community-based sentencing option that is cost effective and does not compromise public safety.

Our Funding
The CSO program is funded by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.  The CSO program is a member of the Ontario Community Justice Association.