History of CCRC

65 Years of Caring

Community Counselling and Resource Centre (CCRC) has been a valuable part of the Peterborough community for 65 years.
Our founding agencies date to 1956, when the Catholic Social Service Bureau was created and 1971 when Volunteers and Information Peterborough was formed. Both agencies were started by groups of concerned local citizens to provide needed services.

The Catholic Social Service Bureau was formed by community leaders, clergy and citizens to support and strengthen life for families and individuals in the Peterborough area. It became Family Counselling Services in 1963.

Volunteers and Information Peterborough was formed from the kitchen tables of a group of local women who visualized a need for voluntary services in the Peterborough community.

In October 1998, Family Counselling Services and Volunteers and Information Peterborough joined together to become one agency. Our name was changed to Community Counselling & Resource Centre in June, 2001, which we shortened to CCRC in 2016.

Since 1956, thousands of people have contributed their time, skills and expertise as volunteers, Board members and staff. We thank them for their passion and compassion in strengthening people’s lives and promoting community well-being.

CCRC by the Years


Catholic Family Services Bureau was formed in 1956 at the request of Reverend W. I. Webster, Bishop of Peterborough on July 3, 1956. Its first meeting was held on September 20, 1956.

Its purpose was to promote, maintain and strengthen sound family life though educational lectures, courses and counselling

Its programs served families of all denominations

The agency’s total budget in 1958 was $9116, received from the Red Cross Community Fund


The agency began to adapt and expand to better serve people in the community

A new name, Family Counselling Services (FCS), was adopted in 1963

The agency moved to 385 George Street North


Credit Counselling Service was established in 1973 as part of FCS

Peterborough Information Centre and Volunteer Bureau (PICVB) was founded in 1974 by a group of volunteers meeting around the late Helen Whiteside’s kitchen table

PICVB offered Information and Referral, Consumer Help, the Housing Resource Centre, Community Work Orders and Friendly Visiting Services


FCS services included counselling for domestic violence, incest and child sexual abuse, seniors counselling and coordination, family life education and a home-sharing program for older adults

FCS became a provider with Family Services Employee Assistance Program (fseap) in 1984

PICVB published 7 different information books and a services directory, which was delivered free of charge to all seniors in the City and County of Peterborough

FCS wait list grew to 6 months

FCS moved to 343 Stewart Street

PICVB moved to 281 King St and hired a part-time Executive Director

PICVB opened the Housing Resource Centre (HRC) in 1989


PICVB changed its name to Volunteers and Information Peterborough (VIP) in 1992

VIP created the Community Services Handbook, also known as The Blue Book

VIP had several mascots: Ivan Answer that had all the answers and Occi the Octopus representing the many hands of volunteering

HRC lost its provincial funding and closed in 1996. The community actively protested against this closure and HRC was re-opened in 1999 with funding from the City and County of Peterborough

Credit Counselling lost its government funding and developed a new funding arrangement through the Ontario Association of Credit Counselling Services

FCS opened a new “Healing Room” funded by the Peterborough Real Estate Board

FCS moved to 459 Reid Street, a location it shared with Peterborough Youth Services

FCS’s Counselling and Credit Counselling programs achieved ongoing accreditation

CCRC was created through the amalgamation of FCS and VIP in 1998. Its original name was Family Counselling Services and Volunteers and Information Peterborough (FCSVIP)


FCSVIP adopted a new name, Community Counselling and Resource Centre (CCRC) in 2001

CCRC was an incorporated, charitable, non-profit, community-based agency, accredited by Family Services Canada and Credit Counselling Canada

Juke Box Mania was launched in celebration of CCRC’s 50th anniversary in 2006

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion spoke at CCRC’s 50th anniversary celebration

CCRC established The Erica Fund in 2006 to honour the community service and leadership of Erica Cherney and inspire gifts to CCRC; this Fund raised $90,000 to support CCRC services


CCRC “made the move” to 540 George Street in 2010, while retaining its office at 459 Reid Street

CCRC’s strategic plan made commitments to strengthen sustainability, deepen its client-centred and social justice approach and invest in staff and volunteer resources

The HRC initiated a collaborative project to bring together multiple service agencies in Havelock

The City of Peterborough and Province of Ontario expanded funding for rent supplements and housing stability allowing CCRC to increase support for people at risk of losing their housing

Juke Box Mania reached its 10th anniversary; it raised more than $111,000 in its first 10 years

CCRC’s 2014-15 income was $2,552,794, including support from federal and provincial governments, the City and County of Peterborough, United Way, foundations and many donors

CCRC served more than 7,200 households in the City and County of Peterborough


Due to changes within the industry, CCRC had to close it’s Credit Counselling program effective May 31, 2021.  The Professional Counselling program moved to 540 George St North, meaning that all CCRC’s services are run out of one physical location.