Our Services

CCRC offers six services that help make a positive and lasting difference in people’s lives:

  • Community Counselling
  • Community Service Order Program
  • Credit Counselling Services
  • Housing Resource Centre
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Public Education and Advocacy
    Our services provide counselling, support and resources to assist with personal well-being, credit and financial management, access to housing and connection with community.

    Who We Serve

    CCRC’s services address many needs of individuals, couples and families, including people who are:
    • seeking to improve their personal, housing and/or financial well-being
    • dealing with grief and loss
    • needing help to find housing or prevent homelessness
    • needing assistance with credit and financial problems
    • seeking assistance with relationship issues
    • mandated by the courts to provide community service
    • dealing with issues related to violence
    • in transition through separation, divorce and other family stresses
    • needing support to continue caregiving
    • facing loneliness and isolation

      Our services are available to everyone in Peterborough City and County. Our Credit Counselling Services are also available in Lindsay, Cobourg and Haliburton. All services are available in accessible locations.

      Many of our services are free. For those with fees, the fees are intended to be affordable and are waived for those unable to pay. We never turn clients away because they cannot pay.

      How We Help

      CCRC offers an encouraging, supportive and friendly environment. Our skilled staff are highly trained and knowledgeable about community services. They will work with you to help you find the solutions and resources you need, and will advocate on your behalf where appropriate. 

      CCRC services are offered during regular working hours, with some evening appointments available. Our staff will tell you about after-hours services in the community in case of a crisis or emergency.

      CCRC services are private and confidential within the agency. We will only release information with your written consent, unless we are required to by law. If we believe that there is imminent danger to you or others, such as a child, we are required by law to notify the authorities.

      Your Rights as a Client

      It is your right to request access to records of your own service at CCRC, and to add or correct information. CCRC will provide access to your records upon written request.