CCRC's Advocacy Principles

At CCRC we witness the effects of social injustice and poverty every day in our one-to-one work with clients. We see that individuals and families live within larger social, governmental and economic systems that contribute to poverty and hardship. We believe it is important to empower individuals and families, and crucial to work on these larger systems.
CCRC has a unique voice based in the issues we are aware of through our direct work with clients and the community. We are committed to using this voice on behalf of our clients to address poverty and injustice, and effect positive change.
Our anti-poverty and advocacy work is guided by our vision, to help people strengthen their lives and promote community well-being, and by our values which include a commitment to addressing issues related to poverty and social justice that affect our clients.
In September 2007 CCRC adopted a strategic agency-wide commitment for its Anti-Poverty and Advocacy work. Board and staff members have worked together since then to renew and enhance a culture of advocacy throughout the agency.
CCRC’s new Advocacy Committee has helped develop agency principles and policies for advocacy. Please click on the links below for PDF copies of our policies and reports.